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Snappee Hair Tie

Snappee Hair Tie


Are you tired of the snagging, pulling, breakage, tangles and pain caused when pulling out an elastic hair tie?
Introducing Snappee, the Snap Off Hair Tie!
✓ Just Wrap and Snap your hair into awesome updos, and unsnap to let your hair down without any damage!
✓ No more pulling out your hair, trying to untangle a hair tie that has woven itself between thousands of your precious hair strands.
✓ Easy to use and works great for ponytails, topknots, headbands, high puffs and even DOUBLES as a bracelet!
✓ Snap more than one Snappee together to create a headband, use it without smudging your makeup or ruining your do’!
✓ Patent pending Snap Off Technology allows for ouchless application and removal of the Snappee!
✓ Non-Elastic
✓ Works for ALL hair types
✓ Versatile
✓ Reusable
✓ Hypoallergenic
✓ Last longer than elastic bands…saving you money!
✓ made of Nylon and Spandex with no elastic
✓ Machine Washable and Dryer Safe! Just toss your Snappees into the washer & dryer with your regular laundry routine and see how they snap right back into shape!

Article code: SSHS20171

Snappee Hair Tie

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